You are a traitor - Asari Dokubo accussess Rotimi Amaechi

The leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, Asari Dokubo, has described Rivers State Governor and reelected chairman of Nigeria Governors Forum, Rotimi Amaechi as a “traitor.”. In a phone-in radio programme in Port Harcourt on Saturday, Asari said Amaechi’s political ambition did not tally with the ambition of the people of the state. Asari said:

“Amaechi and his commissioners can go back to slavery and continue to serve the northerners, who claim to be born to rule. We will never go back to slavery. We know the quality of those who are commissioners in Rivers State.

“Amaechi is a traitor and he will be treated like a traitor. Amaechi is not more Ikwerre than me. It is about liberty to rule. Amaechi wants to take us back to slavery. It will not be possible. The era of northern godfathers is gone.

“Amaechi and his ambition must be tied to the ambition of his people. In Kano, Amaechi said he would run as vice-president, if invited. I speak with all sense of responsibility. The oppressed people of the Niger Delta, through President Jonathan, will win in 2015. We will win clearly and convincingly.

“President Goodluck Jonathan will win in 2015. If they do not allow him to win, they will not be able to handle the consequences. An end must come to the suppression, oppression, repression and marginalisation of the people of the Niger Delta.

“The South-South and South-East people have been brushed aside for too long. People of the North said they would make Nigeria ungovernable for Jonathan, if he won in 2011, which they are doing.”

Source: Punch